When Everything Feels Like The Movies by Raziel ReidAuthor Raziel Reid Criticized For His Book’s Governor General Literary Award Win

More than sixteen hundred people, including some authors, are petitioning to have Reid’s debut young adult novel, When Everything Feels like the Movies, stripped of its Governor General Literary Award win for being “vulgar, offensive and graphic”. The book was recently chosen for CBC’s Canada Reads and will be defended by Elaine “Lainey” Lui during the debates. This entire situation is appalling. Reid has every right to his win and censoring those who identify with his story is basically telling them that their voices don’t matter.  Definitely not something we need in the world of books and storytelling.

Is The Mockingbird Sequel All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Many people are excited for this sequel, Go Set A Watchman, which is great but many have asked: is this is being done with Lee’s best interest in mind? Her sister, who also served as her advocate and lawyer, died recently leaving Lee with just lawyers and no family to look after her affairs. Lee suffered a stroke in 2007 and, according to some reports, is going increasingly blind and deaf in her assisted living home. Many people – myself included – are now wondering if this is what the 88 year old writer truly wants or if she’s being taken advantage of.

BookRiot’s Reading Diversely FAQ Series Is A Must Read

The crew over at BookRiot are answering questions on reading diverse books. It’s great for people who want to understand why the call for diversity in stories is important and I highly recommend checking it out.

A Book Cover That Judges The Reader

It works like this: You first align your face with the book’s built-in screen, which intentionally resembles the face of a robot out of Fritz Lang‘s 1927 dystopian film Metropolis. The book uses facial recognition software made by the company Moore to gauge your general emotions. If you’re overly amped or skeptical of the book, it won’t open. You must maintain a very serious reading expression, demonstrating your intent to focus on the content of the book.

This is so cool.

The Ban On Sending Books To Prisoners Is Ending

Claire wrote about this very issue way back but I’m glad it’s ending. Prisons should be a place to become better than you were going in and books help grow you as a person. This was always a whack policy.

Transparency Is Called On For How Different Authors Can Afford To Write

Some authors are well connected. Some are financially well off. Some have to write between job and family. Some struggle with the essentials. Some rely on their spouse (male as well as female). I think we tend to forget that success as a writer depends also on your access to resources to help with finances, connections or building your craft. Definitely something to think about and adds to the discussion regarding the compensation of authors and those in the arts.

Angry Bird Creator To Publish Young Adult Novels

Since imprints and young adult friendly publishers have been closing their doors, why not have someone offer another place for YA to get published? I’m down for this.

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