Flash fiction: 500 to 1000 words of pure brilliance. That’s what you’re going to give me, right? A miniature story posted in these very comments.

For this first challenge you’re going to “write with blood.” That’s a quote from Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra. I love the idea of it — write with passion and purpose — but I don’t recommend the book (not unless you want to make an animal-talking, super-loser Zarathustra comic with me, that is). You don’t need to go with what Nietzsche thought those words meant (he was wrong about everything else, why not this?), just let them resonate. Write with blood. 

I’ll leave the comments open indefinitely, but a Gizmo for everyone who gets their story in within a week. Double Gizmos for making it in under 24 hours.

gizmo gif


The purpose of this challenge is whatever you make of it: an opportunity to stretch yourself; a chance to let loose. *glitter toss* Write, write, write!