The start of every year brings resolutions and promises of self-improvement. Some have become cliched endeavors into fitness, money management, and renewed education. For those rare individuals who can stick to these plans, I applaud you! Some of us need a little more encouragement, or community support. That’s where online challenges come in.

But do they have a gong with which to start everyone off?

But do they have a gong with which to start everyone off?

Panels’ Chris M. Arnone and Andi Miller offer a challenge for those of us comic loving nerds who just want to find more to read. In case you have been missing out, Panels is a wonderful website full of comic reviews and critique. “The Panels Read Harder Challenge” was designed around Book Riot’s, their sister site, 2015 Read Harder Challenge.

The Panels challenge is “designed to introduce you to new comics, new formats, and new creators you may never have known.” They have listed 26 challenges, one for every two weeks, and all of them sound super fun. They include prompts like: “Read a comic book by an all-female creative team,” and “Read a comic with a villain for the protagonist.” Unlike many other reading challenges out right now, they include helpful lists to help you find the right read.

This is a great way to open up your comic world, and great for new comic readers. Perhaps you have been trying to convince your roommate/significant other/family member for years to start reading more comics, this would be a great activity to do together.

To see the complete list and contribute some of your own comic ideas for each description, head over to Panels and join me in this challenge.