It is eight o’clock in the morning, your fellow geek calls you up and announces a last-minute con she has decided to attend. Obviously, you have to go with her, but what to wear? It is now time to perform your own superhuman feat and put together an acceptable geek outfit from easily found items. From the depths of my underslept brain came the idea for Quick Change. Like every superhero before me who must race into action, I too will change into my comic-loving alter ego in record (or just sort of not-slow) time. The mission: find an outfit inspired by a comic book character in a thrift store, resale store, or sales rack in under 20 minutes for under $20.


Carrie Kelley is awesome. I am no fan of Frank Miller, but he did introduce Batman’s first female Robin, and that is a blessing upon the DC universe. Carrie is later known at Catgirl, but I love the butt-kicking first introduction of this Robin. She’s 13, saves Batman, and uses a slingshot and firecrackers as weapons.

Recently it was announced that Ben Affleck’s Batman will have a female Robin, and, as reported in The Guardian, “Jena Malone, who recently made an appearance in the Hunger Games fantasy saga as the tempestuous Johanna Mason, is reputedly in line to play Carrie Kelley.” I have loved Malone since Saved!, and I am thrilled about this possibility.

Carrie Kelley doesn’t wear pants, which I almost always do, so I knew that was going to be one alteration, but I felt confident in my ability to pull this costume together. I basically have the Carrie Kelley haircut, and I too wear large glasses, though mine are not green-tinted.

I drew out this plan:

So sophisticated...

So sophisticated…

Then I dressed as a spy, all black leggings and tank top, with some old green running shoes.


It was a GREAT day to go shopping! Purple tagged items were 50% off and green tagged items were 25% off! This ended up being very important.

Though I had originally planned on a shirt and shorts, there were no green shorts. Then, I found a green dress I thought could work. Originally, I had planned on using a red blouse when I couldn’t find a red vest, but then I remembered there was a men’s vest section. Saved. In lieu of a cape, I went with a yellowish gold hoodie.

Dolla dolla bill


I had a photographer this time! I am so glad I didn’t have to awkwardly take a geek selfie again, but it was still embarrassing. People stared, and that is ok! This costume is my best yet.

Robin Final

In my rush, I apparently do not know how to button dresses, and my photographer didn’t notice?

So, the results are in. This month I am a little more generous to myself. It took me about seventeen minutes to put together this outfit, and with the discounts, the whole outfit came to $18.67 before tax! (With tax it was only a few cents over $20, so still pretty good!) So, Reader, I’ve given myself an A-. If I re-buttoned my dress on the way to whatever last-minute con I was attending and found a Robin pin for the vest, I think this would be somewhat acceptable!

Now for the customary terrible photoshop of the month:

Oh, yes, so convincing...

Oh, yes, so convincing…

Tune in next month for something completely different!