CW to Release Vixen the Animated Series


SuperheroHype recently dropped some major news regarding another upcoming superhero property being released by the CW’s online content branch CW Seed. One word: Vixen.

Vixen the animated series property of DC Comics, & CW

For those of you who don’t know Vixen, she’s a DC superhero with the power to mimic animals through the magical power of an ancient Tantu Totem. Full name Mari Jiwe McCabe, she grew up in a small village in Africa until her parents were killed and she fled to America. Mari eventually studied and became a world famous model, enabling her to travel the world. Her travels led her back to her village and there she took revenge on her uncle – who killed her father – and stole back the Tantu Totem: thus creating her superhero persona Vixen.

Vixen has been most notably a part of the Suicide Squad, the Birds of Prey, and the Justice League of America. Growing up I knew her from Justice League: Unlimited, the popular DC animated show by Bruce Timm and Dwayne McDuffie. I always admired Vixen’s strong attitude and confidence, and that’s only one reason why I’m so excited for this upcoming animated series.

Vixen property of DC Comics

Another is that DC makes really kickass animated properties. I own most of their movies, and have written before about my love for their Justice League television show. Their Wonder Woman movie is a fan favorite, Under the Red Hood skyrocketed Jason Todd’s popularity and forever made Jensen Ackles a fancast live action choice for the character (one I disagree with). Static Shock’s popularity comes from his amazing TV show, Young Justice won over hordes of female fans, and Teen Titans continues to be a juggernaut for Cartoon Network.

The animation style follows in line with their previous movies Aquaman and Justice League: War which makes me happy. There have been one or two rough patches in their animation style – namely the poorly done Superman: Brainiac Attacks and the current Teen Titans Go! – but they’ve had a consistent style for most of their movies and TV shows.


So to have Vixen get her own show skyrockets my excitement through the roof not only because DC has proven they can make fantastic animated properties but also because she’ll be the first woman of color to headline a Marvel or DC animated property. Marvel has so far released no animated movies or TV shows centering on a female character, and DC has only released one. Though Superman/Batman: Apocalypse was more about Supergirl than Superman or Batman, she wasn’t allow to have the lead title. And while Catwoman got a short in one of the Batman movies, it was still just a short.

So the fact that first official superhero cartoon to feature a woman as lead is a woman of color is huge. Furthermore the fact that her animated show appears to be in line with the current live action versions of The Flash and Arrow means there is a possibility she could show up on our TV screens as well.

It may not seem like it, but Vixen getting her own show – animated or otherwise – is a big step forward. It opens up a lot of possibilities for other female characters especially women of color to get their own shows or movies in the future for animation and live action.


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  1. Quick factcheck on: “So to have Vixen get her own show skyrockets my excitement through the roof not only because DC has proven they can make fantastic animated properties but also because she’ll be the first person of color to ever headline her own cartoon from either DC or Marvel.”
    You mentioned Static Shock previously in the article, and that cartoon starred Virgil Hawkins, a Black male.

    • I saw that this morning and I smacked myself for it. I corrected it now but I can’t believe I forgot Static Shock, one of the best shows DC ever made, and I was just gushing about it on twitter too. How amazing, that is, that two upcoming DC shows were going to headline with two people of color as their leads. While both Static and Vixen are going to be online properties only I feel that this is DC, WB, and CW’s way of testing the waters with non-white characters. Sure we have characters like Iris West on The Flash, and Sara Lance on Arrow, but those ladies are both supporting. My hope was that Laural Lance aka Black Canary would eventually get her own show, but from my observations of the fandom I doubt that’ll happen.

      These two shows provide an amazing opportunity to prove superhero shows with non-white & male leads can make it. What I hope is that as DC & CW build up their TV universe if Vixen proves popular we’ll get to see Mari in their live action shows as well – if not on her own. Sorry got off topic there!