Facebook Is Having A Giant Book Club And You’re Invited

I’ve already written about this on the site so you can check that out. Any reason to read is a great idea.

The Future of Libraries Is A Paperless One

This is a great read. Libraries are doing better than the publishing world in responding to the digital shift. They’re becoming digital hubs offering the means and space to those who are “location-independent workers” or those who don’t have access to the internet. In Canada, they just opened a library that is almost paperless except for the bestsellers on the main floor.

The library is designed as a cultural hub. It also includes a 300-seat auditorium, two cafes, music studios, gaming stations, a space for adult literacy classes, a reading circle and boardrooms for local entrepreneurs.

So cool. I’ve always said the library isn’t just about books. It’s a great source of information (librarians) and community.

Are Weekly Comics Making Their Way To Bookstores?

I wonder if this’ll mean more exposure for ongoing, single issue comics to people who don’t go into comic shops…