The Private Eye #9 | Panel Syndicate Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin, Muntsa VincenteThe Private Eye #9

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Marcos Martin
Colourist: Muntsa Vincente

This is the second last issue of Private Eye, and, surprisingly, the most disappointing entry in what has otherwise been an amusing and shrewd mystery, and a frightening prediction of what our very near future could be.

In the previous issue, our heroes, P.I. and Raveena had tracked DeGuerre to the launch site of his rocket. Raveena is still intent on revenge for the murder of her sister, while P.I. just wants to rescue his young friend Melanie, who has been badly wounded and kidnapped by DeGuerre. Raveena and P.I. believe that the rocket DeGuerre intends to launch is meant to destroy, but DeGuerre’s intention is to enlighten by returning the internet to the people.

Unfortunately, issue #9 does not move us much farther along in the story. Instead, it just seems to stall for time with a few fights and stand offs. Melanie doesn’t even get to utter her usual witty lines, and DeGuerre apparently used up all of his dialogue in the last issue where he detailed his nefarious plot in proper Scooby Doo villain fashion.

The law was hard on P.I.’s heels, but they are still stuck at grandpa’s house investigating P.I, trying to figure out where he’s gone and what he’s up to. The reiteration of the ‘what’s this strange and unfamiliar technology?’ joke from previous issues.

The Private Eye #9 | Panel Syndicate Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin, Muntsa Vincente

The only slightly new piece of information that this issue provides is an opening flashback to the funeral of P.I.’s mother, that is meant, I suppose, to imply how he came to do what he does for a career. But this insight into our protagonist falls flat — though is is amusing to see all the masked people at the funeral and hear all of his mother’s pseudonyms.

Every good series needs a filler episode or issue, I suppose. It’s unfortunate that this one was so lacking in something meaty, save for the usual fantastically vibrant artwork. Still, Vaughan has done such an excellent job to this point of keeping me on edge, that I am definitely going to be back for what I hope will be an epic finale.