Culture Label + Jack Teagle, cat rug design, 2014Jack Teagle rug designs

If you thought those hero/heroine/villain facial composite card and wrapping paper designs were neat, check out what Teagle can do with a rug. Dreamy! £600 of dreamy, but that’s what fantasy is for, right? Teagle is a really interesting British cartoonist on the rise (along with frequent collaborator Donya Todd, of Bimba and various projects), working in with nostalgia and directly in a nostalgic style. “Anyone could do that!” you might rudely think (and indeed, some try), until you realise that not anybody can make it work. That Bruce Lee style cultivated ignorance showing in wonderful craft.

Donya Todd, Bimba, Girl Comics Risograph, 2014Donya Todd Girl Comics Riso

Speaking of Donya Todd, this poster-size risograph is a treat. Todd’s simplified (but never “simple”) illustration and comics are largely about girls and get in your face with “yeah I have sex parts. What? What??” This print is a perfect distillation.

Jake Wyatt X-Men Art Prints

Jake Wyatt’s Necropolis intro got huge on tumblr, and rightly so. He is one heck of an illustrator. And I pledge to appreciate creator-owned art and projects all year round! At Christmas, though, one enjoys a little kickback/relax, gently into one’s childhood. Don’t know about you, but I spent mine at Xavier’s school. I’m finding it hard to choose between my forever-girl Rogue and the bratty little spit’n’kicker who Morrisoned his way into my heart in my later teens. But this is a wishlist! Who needs to choose?

Jake Wyatt art prints, X-Men (Marvel Comics), Rogue, Quentin Quire, etsy, 2014

— Claire

Limited Edition Stardust prints

I can not even explain this gorgeousness. Charles Vess (The Books of Magic, Medicine Road, The Faery Reel: Tales from the Twilight Realm) is an amazing illustrator, and combining his ethereal art with Neil Gaiman’s (Sandman, American Gods, Coraline) vision of fallen stars, young love, and faeries was the perfect match. These prints are on the pricey side, but each delicate line and wash of vibrant color were made to be stared at for hours.

— Sarah

Lisa Hanawalt, man with bum out, painting, 2014Lisa Hanawalt Art Prints

Lisa Hanawalt’s art is composed of gorgeous, eye-popping watercolors centered on the absurd. Except, absurd isn’t the right word. It’s more like, she recreates the scenes and images that we see when we let our minds wander. Such as, a dude standing with his ass hanging out of his pants looking into a beautiful thicket of birch trees, plants that look like dicks and butts, and The Green Lantern lighting his own fart. It’s too amazing for words, really. Most of the prints come in multiple sizes and all are reasonably priced in the $15 to $40 range.

— Romona

Action Abstraction No. 12, David Leblanc, 2014David Leblanc Art and Art Prints

David does abstract super hero art using fine art style. The colors and textures of the pieces add dimension and depth, even when you’re viewing the prints. I love how he represents the characters with an eye towards art, helping it fit into your living decor even if you’re living with non-comic book fans.

— Brenda

I have a serious addiction to graphic interpretations of my favorite classic novels and nerd stuff – probably not all that surprising considering my love of comics. Here are several of my favorite places for finding posters to satisfy any bookworm’s/design enthusiast/typography nerd’s dream!

Folio Creations has an array of posters with various takes on your favorite novels. I particularly love the library card posters:

FolioCreations, etsy, Anne of Green Gables, 2014

Obvious State is another great Etsy shop that does clean, black and white graphic and typographic interpretations of classic novels and famous authorial quotes. My favorite is the Sylvia Plath:

 ObviousState, etsy, Sylvia Plath, 2014

Iconic TV Shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Eurydyka Kata and Rafal Szczawinski, 2014Graphic designers Eurydyka Kata & Rafał Szczawiński created a blog post depicting a series of designs with three iconic images from classic and cult television shows. Everyone loved them so much they demanded actual prints (including myself). Kata and Szczawiński got right on it and you can now order prints from their online store. I have a Buffy one hanging in my bedroom.

Rayguns and Robots is designer Christopher Brown’s fantasy and sci-fi poster store. His prints are often irreverent and intertextual with a vintage twist. The Batgirl and Batman ones are my absolute favorite. 

— Ginnis