Happy weekend, crusaders! Soon, I’ll be leaving my 9-to-5 (okay, 8-to-4) and beginning my real job: making approximately eight thousand various treats for upcoming gift swaps, parties, and giving away to people I don’t know well enough to shop for. If you, too, are searching for the perfect symbol of your financial status and friendship level for various acquaintances, remember to check out our various gift guides for the picky or unreadably mysterious people in your life!

In the meantime, relax with me as we journey through the DC news from the week, which mostly relates to their bevy of TV shows. Feeling nostalgic? So is the CW. Mark Hamill (voice actor, occasional Jedi, and no stranger to DC villainy) will be on the network’s The Flash, reprising his role of the Trickster from the original The Flash series, broadcast lo these many years ago, back in 1990. We can only hope that he plays the character as a grumpy old man who keeps shouting at that flashy young whippersnapper to quit it with the running donuts on his lawn.

Mark Hamill, The Flash 1990, CBS

I also hope he kept this costume.

In another misty-eyed glance back through the sands of time, David S. Goyer and Ian Goldberg are developing a show for SyFy about the world behind the man, the myth: Krypton. Unfortunately, nobody seems to care all that much — which in nerd terms means people are writing snippy comments not only about this possible show, but also dragging in current ones to slam them, too. What can I say? Nerds are multitaskers. I dunno, maybe try naming the show after something other than a place?

DC's Nightwing, featuring Dat Ass

DC’s Nightwing, featuring Dat Ass

Like maybe a group? People love an ensemble. Why else were there so many Ocean’s 11 movies? With that in mind, get excited: the Titans pilot is shooting next year! Cool. Please notify me when the casting call for Nightwing opens, so I can get a front-row seat.

(Oh, like there was another Nightwing image I could use. Come on. Let’s end on a high note, okay?)