Trigger warning: This post discusses sexual violence and rape.

India has a new hero! She’s a survivor who works with the gods to fight against gender-based violence in India and beyond.

Steeped in the rich Hindu mythology, beautiful color palette and culture of India, the new comic book, Priya Shakti, is a layered storytelling project which aims to bring awareness to gender-based violence issues in India and around the world. The story centers on Priya, a human woman who experiences a brutal rape and the social stigma resulting from it. With the help of the gods, she is able to break her silence, empowering women to take action.

Priya Shakti city mural with ARCentral to the project is an augmented reality (AR) comic book & exhibition which is the first of its kind with international outreach and social engagement. In the AR comic book, certain panels will be animated to feature real-life stories and voices of Indian women who have survived sexual assault and faced the ensuing trauma and social stigma. The team has also collaborated with Bollywood movie poster artists to paint augmented reality street art from the comic book on walls in Dharavi, Mumbai. Passersby can see special animation when they scan the murals with the Blippar APP on their smart phones.

The comic book is available in print and digital editions through many outlets, include ComiXology, Google Play and the Apple iBookstore.