I asked the women of WWAC to suit up for Panem. Here’s how they’re dressing for the Hunger games.

Claire: What if [the worst]? If I have to go to the woods to play at murders, I don’t want rocks dropped on me, I don’t want to get cold or stay wet. Luxury & laughs before I die.

Hunger Games: Dressed to Die


Wendy: You are cordially invited to the Inaugural District 13 Rebellion Party. Sshhh.. it’s a secret….

Whispers from the Capitol


Al: Hiding in the tropical arena until I’m one of the last. Then poisoning the water supplies.

Hunger Games: Hidden in Florals


Annie: I could never live in a district that didn’t allow comfortable footwear.

Christa: What better way to hide from the Captiol? Then I can help bring them down from within!

Hiding in plain sight


Lana: I volunteer as tribute.

Hunger Games Wardrobe


Megan: We burn, you burn.

Dressing for Panem.