high crimes cover writer christopher sebela artist ibrahim moustafaBig news in the indie comics-sphere was scant this week, probably thanks to the holiday, but there were lots of interesting, meaty interviews posted, on comics you don’t hear about every day.

First up, Christopher Sebela talked about his work on High Crimes and Ghost, plus the way he first got into professional comics work through lettering and flatting other colorists’ work. With those two books, plus work on Dead LettersAlien versus Predator, and Escape from New York, he’s got his fingers in all sorts of indie comic pies, from creator owned to licensed properties.

c.o.w.l. written by kyle higgins and alec siegel art by rod reis, image comics, 2014Combining two of my favorite things ever, labor unions and superheroes, Kyle Higgins discussed C.O.W.L.’s opening arc and where it’s headed next. The trade paperback of this, written by Higgins and Alec Seigel with art by Rod Reis, is just hitting stands now, and I’m hoping that people will jump on it and get this book the buzz that it so sorely deserves.

capture creatures co-creators frank gibson and becky dreistadt, boom! studios 2014Capture Creatures, a new all-ages comic riffing on Pokemon, just hit the stands, and it isabsolutely adorable. This looks like another great title from BOOM! Studios, which has totally cornered the market on cute, all-ages stuff that adults can also enjoy. The colors on this book look especially awesome.

Plus, there was an announcement that Manhattan Projects is officially on hiatus until March 2015. The first huge arc of the story has wrapped up, and MP, like an increasing number of creator-owned books such as Saga, is taking a break before jumping into a new direction with smaller character-focused arcs.