Marvel Monday again, hopefully any and all Americans are not too full of pie to focus on some news:

Since this was a light week, you get an extra Thanksgiving-sized dose of my nonsensical rambling. Enjoy!

If you wanted to have Marvel Unlimited for one month, you may do so for only 75 cents today, swear you’re going to read all of Hickman’s Fantastic Four, then forget about it and be unpleasantly surprised next month when they charge you $9.99.

Ms Marvel. Marvel Comics. Marvel. Written by G. Willow Wilson. Drawn by Adrian Alphona. Cover by Jamie McKelvie. April 16 2014.While it is nice that this article exists, and the quotes from Amanat and Cowan are great, it does ignore the fact that Storm is on the chopping block and She-Hulk and Electra were cancelled. Marvel preaches a great message of diversity — as it has often, that was their agenda pretty much from day one — but there’s a lot of work to be done. There is a brief aftertaste of condescension in any article that praises a company for doing the bare minimum to be inclusive (“Look! A woman! She’s not even wearing a bikini. We did it, guys, sexism is over!” *triumphant applause*). This is a great article for non-comics readers who might not know that the tide is turning, but it’s not anything earth-shattering.

Stan Lee appears in every Marvel movie. This piece of footage from Big Hero 6 is of Stan Lee appearing in a Marvel movie. Wake me up when robotic deathbringer droid Stan Lee starts appearing in Marvel movies, yeeeeesh.

The Punisher #12. W: Edmonson. A: Gerads. Marvel Comics, 2014.

The Punisher #12. Image from Newsarama.

Comics gossip is truly weird. For example, this kerfuffle about Nathan Edmonson trying to get a sick burn on the Fantastic Four movie in Punisher #12 (spoiler: he wasn’t).

Okay, enough from me. Resume your lives, as though you had never read a lengthy article about a comics creator maybe possibly trying to make a joke about a movie that Marvel might feel less than favorable about due to rights ownership issues.