Light week this time, Marvel fans, but some news nevertheless:

Howard the Duck, Marvel Comics, 2014, Joe QuinonesI guess that the biggest thing to be announced this week was a new Howard the Duck comic, written by Sex Criminals’ Chip Zdarsky and drawn by Joe Quinones (Zatanna & Black Canary: Bloodspell), which is the biggest indicator that it is a slow news week. I refuse to understand why Marvel is bringing back Howard the Duck, but any series written by Chip Zdarsky is sure to be grade A weird, so I’m kind of about it.

Hey Marvel, Emily Blunt would be pretty okay with playing Carol Danvers, so maybe give her a call about that.

Casting choices for Jessica Jones are starting to circulate! Krysten Ritter!!!!

nom nom nom nom nom

nom nom nom nom nom


The Kree have officially been introduced in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. My only question: will they be wearing totally boss hats, or will they just look like they sloppily ate a hot fudge sundae, à la Lee Pace in Guardians?

Okay, seriously, light week. I’m just holding out for a Doctor Strange casting now. It’s my only purpose in living, anymore.