Dylan Edwards’ Transposes, NorthWestPress, 2012This interview (at the Good Men Project, but stay with me) with Dylan Edwards is a good introduction to his Lambda Literary Award nominated book, Transposes — stories of men who are both trans and gay. A foreword from Alison Bechdel and a cover that features tap-dancing both entice, and the focus of Edwards’ book is supported by this Bill Roundy comic (and commentary) on meeting bigotry as a cis gay man who dates trans men.

— Claire

Queermo’s Journey (wordplay on “Hero’s Journey”) is a weekly slice-of-life webcomic following Ricky, a transman just trying to avoid Shark Week, get a job where he doesn’t have to wear a skirt, and fight off that jerk Dysphoria. Highlights: Ricky’s imaginary rockstar boyfriend (“Likes post-structural feminism and all your favorite bands. Almost too good to be true.”), Shark (cute but not cute enough for monthly visitation rights), and Ricky’s struggles with a binder (dude, jogging in a binder is just…don’t do it). Updates Wednesday! As a bonus, Ricky has a list of other webcomics available, so go, read, enjoy.

— Laura

Rooster Tails, Sam and Joe, Roostertailscomic.comRooster Tails: A weekly auto-biographical comic about Sam, a “geeky, chubby transguy” and his eloquent partner Joe. Both characters are staunch feminists just trying to live their lives in a patriarchal, trans-phobic world.

— Romona

TheFoxPrince.tumblr only has a few entries to the comics tag, but one of them features a bellend with a face, so. It’s an everyday problems gag strip deal, but when the rimshot moment is based in something that could endanger the life of the cartoonist you have to admire their command of tone.

— Claire

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