It’s been a crazy busy week here, mainly due to the mad scramble that is obtaining PAX East tickets, but never fear, here’s your games news round up in case you missed it.

Never Alone image of Fran and foxExplore Alaska Native Stories with Never Alone

Playing as a Nuna and Fox, Never Alone is an atmospheric puzzle that explores the harsh and vibrant world of Alaska Native stories. The game was built in partnership with the Alaska Native community.

13-Year-Old Girl Wins Minecraft Hunger Games Tournament on International Games Day

There are so many wins in this story. International Games Day is sponsored by the American Library Association meaning that across the country held gaming events encouraging folks to come in and play games. The Minecraft Hunger Games Tournament alone had almost 100 site across the globe.

Planet J homepage imageChina’s first live-action role play (LARP) theme is in development

It sounds like there will be a heavy tech element to track your skills and challenges. I’m curious how this competes with a weekend LARP in the woods. It’s expected to open later in 2015.

Destiny free trial or demo available for a limited time

If you haven’t already been playing this striking game, now’s your chance to try it out. The trial ordemo opened on November 18 and can be downloaded from your platform’s digital storefront.

Seriously, Barbie, girls can be game developers too

As a woman in tech, these things irk me. For a brand that’s marketed heavily to young girls, why not show them all the cools things that can be. Although there’s nothing wrong with being a game designer, why in the world can’t Barbie be a game developer too? Or at the very least, couldn’t one of the boy developers have been a girl? Ugh even worse, if you buy the actual doll, she wears glasses because you know all software engineers wear glasses. Ugh.