For those who like a splash of culture to go with your fantasy loving selves, the Symphony Silicon Valley will be presenting all three Lord of the Rings (LOTR) movies in high definition accompanied by a symphony orchestra in April 2015.

According to their site, the trilogy experience is being offered for the first time in the US  by the Symphony Silicon Valley in California and Lincoln Center in New York, although the New York shows have already sold out.

Be prepared to commit to consecutive evenings or a even a weekend if you want to go.  The experience offers two different cycle packages. Cycle 1 has shows at 7pm for three days in a row. For those who like a marathon style, Cycle 2 shows start at 1pm, but only run two days in a row running the Two Towers and Return of the King all in one day.

In addition to the time commitment, the LoTR experience isn’t cheap. The lowest price option will cost you $150, but you can choose better seats at the $330 ticket price. Pricing seems comparable to their regular season shows, since the ticket price does include seats for three shows.