Ryan Sands last gave me heart palpitations when he and Michael DeForge released images from their cartoon-that-wasn’t, MallNation, but now he’s gone and released details of Youth In Decline‘s 2015 line up.


What you see above are the covers for the next four editions of Frontier, Youth In Decline’s incredible series of monographs. Previous contributors have included Emily Carroll and Sam Alden. Frontier is a collection of weird, wild, beautiful, but surprisingly accessible works. That’s not because the creators have gone to any lengths to connect with new readers — on the contrary Frontier is where they cut loose — but because it is, in my experience, expressive and vital.

Like, take a look at these covers. Perhaps you don’t have much experience with comics like these, but aren’t they intriguing? Don’t they convey sensuality, youth, maybe a little bit of mystery? That Becca Tobin colour palette. Those Anna Deflorian patterns. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, girl, I should check out some “alternative comic books,” this is your time. Frontier is a great place to start.

In addition to Frontier #8-10, Youth In Decline teased three new books, Dream Tube, a collection from Rebekka Dunlap, and collected editions of Youth In Decline’s Rav and Thickness. I have not yet had the opportunity to read Thickness, but oh, do I want to.

Tom Spurgeon has all the details over on the Comics Reporter. In the meantime: these covers.