Archie comics is relaunching The Shield with the title character making the switch to female. WWAC Staffers had some thought bubbles on what an Archie Shield would look like.


After reading the first half of the sentence, I pictured Archie rolling up a telephone book while entering the interrogation room, bald-headed and tightly black t-shirted. After reading the entire first sentence, I picture Archie as the steadfast Officer Danni Sofer.

vic mackey, danni sofer, archie, the shield


I was replaying the opening sequence where he bulldogs through the fence but with Archie and decided I would watch that.


First I heard “Archie comics is relaunching The Shield,” and I thought, well their current storyline is pretty dull, so let’s roll with it, huh?

claire napier, the shield, archie

But then I saw “making the switch to female,” so I got:

claire napier, archie, the shield

And hey, hey, sign me up. If any team can take the WWE and find something good to do with it, I’d say that Archie Comics have proved their chops over the past few years.


Okay, so I stopped reading Archie in the early 90s. What is The Shield? I mean I could look it up, but I’d much prefer y’all’s colorful descriptions.


Why Ginnis, the Shield was a three-man “stable” of wrestlers (stable means they are officially friends and sometimes will enjoy a shared aesthetic) who purported to be some sort of gritty saviour faction who liked justice or something. They were popular because everybody wanted to bang at least one of the members which is very Archie, don’t you think? In recent months they’ve unfortunately parted ways, after Seth Rollins (Jughead/Veronica) betrayed the other two, and now Rollins and Dean Ambrose (Archie/Archie) feud at great length with not much emotional payoff whilst Roman Reigns (Reggie/Betty) hangs out with the popular kids and doesn’t quite know what to do with himself. I got bored and stopped watching.


I….I don’t think we watched the same show, Claire. I’m so confused. So, something other than this?

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