The folks at Geeks OUT think the Northeast needs a con that helps bring the LGTBQ community, people of every size, gender identity and expression, age, color and type, together to get geeky, expressing what makes each of us different, special, and awesome.

Flame Con mascotThe Flame Con Kickstarter campaign by Geeks OUT aims to create a queer comic con that focuses on the LGTBQ community, and explore topics that haven’t already been paneled to death at other cons. According to Geeks OUT founders, Joey Stern and Josh Siegal, Flame Con will focus on creating community, showing cool queer stuff from creators catering to all kinds of queer tastes and interest, featuring panels on topics that aren’t covered at mainstream cons.

Additionally, for the past three years, Geeks OUT has held celebrity-themed art shows, each featuring dozens of artists paying tribute to geeky icons important to the LGBTQ community — which they would now like to host within Flame Con.

Geeks OUT has been celebrating LGBTQ contribution to the larger pop culture conversation since 2010. They promote queer and queer-positive artists, creators, and works; by calling out and combating homophobia and lack of diversity in geek culture; by helping provide a balanced queer viewpoint on mainstream geekery with a geeky view of the LGBTQ world.

Backer reward levels start at $5 for a website high-five and run through the $1,000 level as a sponsor of either the Art Show, Afterparty or Anthology. Con tickets are available at various levels such as $15 for a hands-free ticket or $40 for a printed VIP ticket. For artists and vendors, there are backer levels offering special early bird table reservation.