In honor of Halloween, our October #WWACNerdMovie tomorrow evening will be The Bride (directed by Franc Roddam), the 1985 horror flick that gives a feminist spin to The Bride of Frankenstein.

Mad scientist Baron Charles Frankenstein (Sting—hey, it was the 80s) creates a mate for his first creation, the hulking monster Viktor (Clancy Brown). After the destruction of his laboratory seemingly kills the monster, Baron Frankenstein flees with the bride, a beautiful woman he names Eva (Jennifer Beals). Frankenstein presents Eva as an amnesiac under his care and educates her for an introduction into society, but his interest in her quickly grows obsessive and sinister. As Eva gains self-awareness, she begins to question her mysterious origins; meanwhile, Viktor lurks in the shadows, alive and ready for a reckoning with Frankenstein.

So this Wednesday, October 29th at 8pm EST, join us for a livetweet of The Bride using the hashtag #WWACNerdMovie. If you don’t already own it on VHS, you can stream it on Netflix. Friend? Good.