the king in yellow cover, written and drawn by INJ Culbard adapted from Robert W. Chambers novelOld-timey weird horror is having a renaissance lately, with Lovecraft still all the rage and True Detective dropping references to the nineteenth century weird classic The King in Yellow. Soon we’ll be able to visit strange Carcosa while still getting our comic fix, as INJ Culbard is adapting The King in Yellow into a graphic novel. If this is anything like Culbard’s masterful adaptations of Lovecraft works, then it’s going to be amazing. The King in Yellow adaptation is coming in 2015 from SelfMadeHero.

A thought-provoking Walking Dead theory has been floating around the internet lately: What if Rick never came out of his coma and the whole series are just dreams in his damaged brain? Well, Kirkman took the wind out of our sales this week by shooting down the theory on Twitter. Of course, he also gave us another creepy theory to consider at the same time, because Kirkman loves his fans. Good thing this is comics, where canon is more of a suggestion than a rule!

broodhollow, kris staub, webcomicA perfect blend of cute and mind-blowingly scary, there’s no better webcomic than Kris Staub’s Broodhollow. Seriously, go and check it out right now. The second chapter just finished, so this is the perfect time to jump on board. Once you’re done, check out Staub’s interview here, where he talks about Broodhollow and his other webcomic Chainsaw Suit.