Happy Friday, Gothamites! I’ve got a lot of news for you today, so let’s dive right in.

This is the most important tStatic Shock  Image # SS-Static-2  Pictured: Virgil Hawkins as Static   Photo Credit: © Warner Bros. 2002hing you will hear this week: Static Shock is getting a live-action series. While we were all been excited (wary? full of trepidition?) about the list of upcoming DC feature films, Warner Bros. slipped in with the second prong of a who-knows-how-many pronged attack, and launched Blue Ribbon Content, which will focus on live-action and animated digital media.

This is all very cool, but of course the best part is the return of one of my childhood favs, Static Shock. Criminals get twisted! This superhero gifted! Bell rings and he’s back in school! Static Shock cares about protecting the weak¬†and about education. Static Shock is awesome.

By the way, there are no casting rumors yet, so leave your perfect Static Shock cast in the comments. Just go wild!


Speaking of awesome representation in characters, Jason Momoa is allowed to talk about being Aquaman now and it’s as great as I could have hoped, while also teasing a possible Batman vs. Superman appearance. It’s clear that his Hawaiian heritage is informing his own take on the role, pointing out that “as a Polynesian, our gods are tied to water, so this means something special.” I kind of have a crush on Jason Momoa, guys.

More news from more newly confirmed cast members: Ray Fisher is pumped to be playing Cyborg and wants fans to know that we’re in for a “hell of a treat.” I can dig it. Expect to see Cyborg in the upcoming BvS flick (how long have they been filming that thing, now?) as well as the Justice League movies and his own stand-alone feature.

Last week, Tom Brevoort threw some shade DC’s way, regarding the plans for separate TV and movie universes:

Fans rose to DC’s defense, pointing out that, unlike Marvel, DC has never planned for its shows and movies to be in the same universe. Now, Geoff Johns has gone on record to state that the TV shows and feature films aren’t the same universe, but do exist as part of the same multiverse, which, okay, DC. Works for me.

DC wants to “rebrand the [Vertigo] line,” mainly by adding new books by “top tier creators,” which probably explains why Gail Simone is writing a new Vertigo book. Fine, DC. You know how to hit where it hurts, dontcha?

Got news? Got casting wishes? Leave ’em in the comments!