Revival Vol. 1: You're Among Friends Mike Norton Image Comics 2012Our October Comic Club pick was Volume One of Tim Seeley and Mike Norton’s Revival. It’s the story of a small town in Wisconsin. In many ways it’s like every other small town out there. Except for one little thing – the dead have started coming back to life. And when you first hear that you think “zombies” but this time it’s different (really! I promise!)For the most part these dead retain their memory and personalities. Someone of them are no different than the living. But others are a bit off and those are the ones Officer Dana Cypress is enlisted to investigate.

The cover calls it a “rural noir” which is a pretty good term as it’s pretty vague and easily brings to mind similar tales.

Much of our discussion focused on the “rural” part of “rural noir.” Mainly what is it about stories set in small towns that appeals to us? Some theories:

Revival touches on so many topics beyond its setting and people coming back to life.  It looks at Dana Cypress’s relationship with her sister (Em) and father, her boss. It also looks at her life as a single, working mother. There’s also a significant religious angle. 

Combine all those elements with some gorgeous Jenny Frison covers and Mike Norton’s expressive interior art and we definitely picked a winner for October.

Next Month’s Selection

We had so much fun talking about the revived we decided to continue the trend. November’s Comic Club read will be The Dead #1-3 by James Maddow and Jen Hickman.

the dead coverWhen Sam opens his eyes after dying, he expects to see clouds or hellfire. What he’s faced with instead is “The House” — a surreal and often-dangerous afterlife of interconnected rooms. As Sam travels deeper into this new world, he finds the strange creators of these rooms aren’t the only residents of The House. Here there be monsters, and if he isn’t careful, Sam’s stay will take a horrible turn. Brought to comic life by two of the industry’s newest and brightest creators, the first issue of THE DEAD is a great introduction to a story that’s already received praise from critics and professionals alike.

The first three issues of The Dead are available online from Comixology and Kindle.


November’s chat will take place November 3rd 2014 at 8:30 PM EST. Use the hashtag #WWACComicClub to take part.