In Real Life cover, writer Cory Doctorow, artist Jen WangA new graphic novel with adorable art about a young woman caught between her real life and the MMO in-game personal life she’s created? Sign me up. In Real Life, by writer Cory Doctorow and artist Jen Wang, is all about the divide between our “real selves” and the online personas we create for ourselves. The color work on this looks incredible. Doctorow talks about In Real Life here with glimpses of Wang’s art.

Marceline Adrift, Artist Unknonw, kaBOOM StudiosMarceline is going to space! The Adventure Time comics have been hugely successful, and the latest spin-off sees the teen Vampire Queen and her frenemy Princess Bubblegum going off to space. No creative team has been announced yet, but the character designs for Bubblegum’s space suit have got me so pumped. If anyone knows the artist here, let us know so we can credit them!

Valiant has been getting some awesome creators lately, the most recent being Jeff Lemire with his upcoming work on Bloodshot and The Valiant with Matt Kindt. Along with what to expect from the new series, Lemire Talks About his Valiant connections here. There’s also a bit of DC goodness with talk of Future’s End as well.


grindhouse 2, writer alex de campi, artist r.m. guera, dark horse comicsHorror is booming in comics, and writer Alex de Campi is determined to bring its goofy, sleazy side back in style. De Campi talks her horror roots, Grindhouse anthology, and the upcoming Archie Meets the Predator here. Her approach to horror sounds fun, it has all of the gore and twisted weirdness without being all misery, all the time. Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out #1 is out in November with art by R. M. Guéra.