Serenity poster, Joss Whedon, Warner Bros

Seriously, so bad

I don’t know if you know this about us, but neither Megan nor I have any time for Firefly. How many times have I bent her ear about the truly absurd & terrible poster for Serenity? So many times!

So you’d think I’d be all pleased about an opportunity to spread my seeds of hate. But actually, I’m just nauseous and sad. And angry.

Adam Baldwin is in Firefly, see, he played the character known as “Jayne.” The hat guy. You know? You’ve seen those hats. Well, Adam Baldwin is also the guy who bitcoined the hashtag #gamergate. He’s evil, basically, a slimy, farting, anti-woman gunlicker. And nobody’s stopping him.

Worse, he’s still being supported and his network is holding. Dark Horse? Dark Horse are apparently doing a series with him. Haha, great! Great!!!!

Dark Horse. I posit that this is a bad move. Working with this ladyhater makes me really wonder, about you.

Nathan Edmondson, Greg Scott? You too, buds. Anyone know what these guys are like to work with? Anybody got news on their public politics?

I’ve asked Dark Horse if this is really happening. They’ve not replied yet. Maybe you want to ask too?