Look, I know everyone’s excited about the same piece of news, and let’s face it: a possible Batman/Lois Lane romance is a big deal. But there are a few other minor items of intrest from DC this week, so let’s try to keep from pigeonholing, okay?


The big news, of course, is that DC has announced a line-up of movies all the way to 2020, which is awesome for those of us who can now put “Go see the Wonder Woman movie” in our five-year plan.

(Haha, gotcha again, I don’t have a five-year plan!)

The biggest deal here is obviously the fact that DC has announced a female-led movie, beating Marvel (but not Sony) to the punch.

Damn, girl!

Now, I’ve seen a lot of debate since the announcement came out, but personally, I’m jazzed. I’ve been lambasting DC for a WW movie too long to be cynical when I finally get it, though plenty of other fans have their concerns.

Other DC characters getting a chance at the silver screen? The Flash (not connected to the CW’s version, and we don’t know which Flash will be used), Aquaman (eh) played by Jason Momoa (okay, I’m on board), Shazam (which we already know has attached The Rock), and Cyborg (Cyborg? Sweeeeeeeeet.)

Casting announcements for the Flash, Aquaman (I can’t stress this enough: Jason Momoa) and Cyborg certainly seem to indicate a robust cast for the upcoming Justice League movies. Here are some of my other hopes:

1. The Rock cameos in every movie and/or plays all the roles in Shazam!

2. Black Canary, Batgirl, and Zatanna show up in the Justice League;

Wonder Woman '77 cover Nicola Scott DC Comics 2015

3. Someone makes fun of Aquaman’s stupid powers. Bonus points if it’s the Flash.

Diana’s getting a lot of love from DC these days. She’ll have her own movie, she has two of her own books and appears in many more, and now, she’s going retro: DC announced at NYCC that they’d be continuing the beloved Lynda Carter Wonder Woman character in Wonder Woman ’77.

I think this is freaking awesome. I didn’t grow up with the series, but I know many fans did. Countless women (and men!) have expressed to me how important Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman was to them, as a role model, a powerful feminist icon, and an important female superhero, so I’m pumped for this series to bring her back. More Wondie for all! Also, I love both Marc Andreyko and Nicola Scott, so this seems like all-around good news to me.

There isn’t bisexuality in Constantine, but there’s magic. And there might be Zatanna! That would be cool.

There is bisexuality in The Flash — at least, in casting. Out bi actor Andy Mientus will be portraying out gay villain The Pied Piper on the CW’s show. If you listen really closely, you might be able to hear the ghostly wails of “panderiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!” from fanboys across the nation.

Or maybe that’s in reaction to this: the declaration that “this is our house” by a woman at NYCC.

Damn straight it is.