Wytches 1 cover, writer Scott Snyder, artist Jock, colorist Matt Hollingsworth

Wytches 1 cover, writer Scott Snyder, artist Jock, colorist Matt Hollingsworth.

Scott Snyder and Jock’s new horror series Wytches gets film option 

First issue sells out on Wednesday, film rights get sold on Friday? Scott Snyder and Jock aren’t doing too bad for themselves with their new horror series Wytches. The series has been picked up by Brad Pitt’s production company (Plan B) with Snyder and Jock to be on the film as executive producers. Prayer circle that this will be better than World War Z starts now.

Powers trailer debuts at NYCC

The first footage from the upcoming Sony Network Powers adaptation premiered this weekend, and it is . . . dark and gritty! Just what we need. Powers is a creator-owned comic by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alan Oeming about two detectives solving crime in a world with superpowers. The trailer is much more about the dude detective Christian Walker than his partner Deena Pilgrim, but hopefully screen-time and the plot will be more equal on the actual show. Their give-and-take relationship is the heart of the comic and it’d be a real shame to lose that in favor of more brooding man angst.

archie meets predator, writer alex decampi, artist unknown, archie comics and dark horse publishersArchie meets Predator in up-coming crossover, because why not?

It’s clear at this point that when Archie Comics is concerned, nothing is off the table. Archie’s beaten up his zombie dad in Afterlife with Archie, and his pal Sabrina just got her own creepy horror comic in Sabrina; plus, past crossovers have seen him meet Kiss, the Punisher, and the kids from Glee. It’s obvious that his next new friend should be a huge alien Predator stalking through Riverdale while hungry for blood. Fingers crossed that Carl Weathers makes a cameo!

James Bond comics to come from Dynamite

The original sexy spy is coming to comics, as Dynamite announces its acquired the license to Ian Fleming’s James Bond character. With the popularity of spy stories like Velvet and Zero on the stands now, it’ll be interesting to see if Dynamite goes with classic Bond of bygone Connery days or the darker, more intense violence of the recent Daniel Craig movies. Here’s hoping we get a Moneypenny series!