The news we’d been hoping for finally broke. Last Friday at New York Comic Con, Marvel announced that Gwen Stacy, Spider-Woman, would be getting an ongoing starting in February 2015.

Both writer Jason Latour and artist Robbi Rodriguez, members of the creative team for “Spider-Gwen’s” first appearance in Edge of Spider-Verse #2, will be returning. It is currently unknown if the series will take place in the intriguing alternate universe readers got a glimpse of in her first appearance, or if she’ll be transported into the good ol’ standard Marvel Universe (Earth-616) for her ongoing. Gwen will appear again in November’s Amazing Spider-Man #9, and more questions will probably be answered there.

Things are just plain different where Spider-Gwen came from – Gwen got bit by the radioactive spider instead of Peter, Peter experimented on himself, became the Lizard, and died as a human after a fight with Gwen. She was blamed for his death and is distrusted by the police, and her own father led hunts for her in his role as police captain. Other divergences have been shown, as well: Matt Murdock (normally Daredevil) is the Kingpin’s lawyer, the Rhino appears to be a mutant instead of a thug with a suit, and Gwen is the drummer in an all girl rock band called the Mary Janes.

Let’s celebrate the ongoing announcement with a listen to Married With Sea Monsters’ performance of The Mary Janes’ song from the opening of Edge of Spider-Verse #2!