The legacy of the zine lives on. This week’s Kickstarter of the Week focuses on a zine-turning-annual that focuses on building the feminist bicyclist revolution. Vive la revolution!

First Journal of Bicycle FeminismThe aim of the Kickstarter campaign for The First Annual Journal of Bicycle Feminism aims to fund the making of their first annual. The theme is grief and healing with writer focusing on the bicycle as a means for dealing with and overcoming loss, assault, and fear. It’s not surprising that Portland, Oregon would inspire, Taking the Lane, a mostly quarterly zine that ran from 2010. Due to the economic stresses of printing, the zine will reincarnate as a annual journal after running since 2010.

On the campaign page, Elly Blue points out that zines are “an appealing and low-risk way to learn a craft and build a movement.” When I was in Portland, Oregon earlier this year, I was pleasantly surprised to see that zine culture was alive and well and am glad that they’re still being used.

Backer reward levels run from $7 for an in-print back issue and a bicycle sticker to $500 for a full-page ad. At the $25 level, backers get a two-issue subscription and multiple stickers to tell the world what you think of bicycles.