On October 1st, Oni Press launched its first Humble Bundle. On offer are some of the publisher’s top comics, including Scott Pilgrim, Lost at Sea, Stumptown and Bad Machinery, as well as some of its lesser known, but just as cool titles. The bundle clocks in at 2,500 pages, in 24 comics. That’s a lot of comics reading.

Like all Humble Bundles, the Oni Press pack has a charitable competent: US purchasers can elect to donate a portion of their purchase to Direct Relief, a non partisan medical non-profit that assists people affected by natural disasters, war and unrest, and poverty. Direct Relief’s current programs include Ebola response, and a US program to support free clinics with donated equipment and drugs.

As you may recall — as you should recall — we’ve reviewed many of these comics on this very site:

  • Claire reviewed Courtney Crumrin, Bad Machinery, and Down Set Fight, and liked them all.
  • Brenda reviewed I Was the Cat for Reviews Roulette (still to be published). She didn’t like it, but maybe you will.
  • And Catie’s reviewed The Bunker a few times for Short & Sweet. Diagnosis? Worth checking out.

So if the offer of so much Bryan Lee O’Malley isn’t enough to lure you in (and if it is, here’s our archive), rest assured there’s lots of other comics worth reading to be had in the Oni Press bundle.