For September’s Classic Nerd Movie Club this Wednesday, we will be livetweeting Heathers, the endlessly quotable teen cult classic Heathers (1988)from the 80’s starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater.

Are you a Veronica in a world full of Heathers? Or did it at least feel that way in high school? Winona Ryder stars as the reluctantly popular Veronica who follows the lead of heartless queen bee Heather Chandler. Life is dull for whip smart Veronica; that is until she meets rebel new-boy-in-town J.D. (played by collective teen crush of the time, Christian Slater). Things go south quickly as Veronica and J.D. begin taking down the strict social structure of high school in increasingly dangerous ways. The film is best remembered for the biting dialog from writer Daniel Waters, and for the darkly comedic tone of the film that deals with bullying, teen suicide, and depression. It has continued to resonate with audiences since its release in 1988, and recently inspired a successful off-Broadway musical adaptation. Not bad for a film that, despite its star billing, totally bombed at the box office.

So this Wednesday, September 24th at 8 pm EST, grab a Slushie and join us for a live tweet of Heathers by using the hashtag #WWACNerdMovie. If you’re watching this film for the first time, have no fear – it will be so very! Lick it up, baby. Lick. It. Up.

Heatheers quote, Christian Slater (1988)