LAZAROVIC CLIMATE BLOGFollowing the People’s Climate Marches from around the world on social media?

Illustrator and MacLean’s contributor Sarah Lazarovic’s live sketch blog is my favourite coverage of the event so far.

While she doesn’t go deep on the politics of the march, the chances of a new international climate deal, or the possible affects on upcoming elections in Canada and abroad, she captures the emotion and character of the event. I’m even in love with her lettering!

Sarah’s lines are quick and expressive, and the blog as a whole has enough of a sense of sequence to it that I’m pretty comfortable with calling it a comic — it could benefit from more structure, some tent pole moments, but it’s a sketch blog, not a pre-planned and revised formal work. But “Overheating Polar Bear Checking Her Phone,” is now my everything.

The Climate March drew hundreds of protesters in Toronto, Melbourne, Berlin Paris, and Rio de Janeiro  Marches in London and New York both drew tens of thousands of marchers. The People’s Climate March has in its sights an international climate summit, scheduled to take place Tuesday in New York. Barack Obama, David Cameron and other world leaders will attend.

Find the full blog over at MacLean’s, along with more of her fine work.

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