The world of kids books, toys, and movies is often over-saturated with blue vs. pink and princesses and the like. While I love the fun, whimsical baby presents that inexplicably lead to those funny sounds that so often seem to happen around babies and fluffy animals, I also find myself inwardly cringing when I see and experience friends and family obsessed with gender norming these future adults. Thus, in this vein, I frequent many an online baby and kid shop for geeky and progressive gifts.

Whether you have avidly geeky, progressive friends, or a not-so-subtle plan to disrupt your pregnant relative’s cringe-inducing gender norming, this list will help you hunt down awesome geeky, progressive baby and kid gifts (and just in time for the upcoming holiday season):

A Mighty Girl

…is all about finding books, toys, music, and movies for raising empowered girls – no damsels in distress or sidekicks here. They have a range of items promoting cultural diversity, LBTQ, and other social issues, not to mention a great book collection on helping growing girls navigate puberty. A Mighty Girl also lists graphic novels according to age appropriateness and has a superhero character section! Though the site is targeted towards girls, don’t let that limit you. Boys can benefit from this stuff, too!

Baby Wit

…has a section for “conscientious baby clothes” which includes prints with Hillary Clinton, Rosa Parks, Emma Goldman, and quippy progressive expressions.

Buzzfeed: 33 Perfect Gifts for Book-Loving Babies

…is not a web-store, obviously, but I frequently peruse this list for ideas for book-nerd baby gifts.

LittleLiterary I Read Banned Books T-shirtLittle Literary Classics

…is devoted to classic literature themed baby gifts. The cloth books are adorable as is this “I Read Banned Books” t-shirt for raising little literary rabble-rousers.

Geekling Design - I'm Acute Baby Geekling Designs

…is baby geek heaven! They have sections solely devoted to Star Wars, Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, and League of Legends. Not to mention sections dedicated to gaming and math and science. Check out this nerdy math pun onesie: “I’m acute baby.” Hahaha, get it?!

Handsome in Pink

–with shirts like “Forget Princess, Call me President,” you can find some great kid gifts for challenging gender norms. Bonus – everything is eco-friendly.

Jill and Jack Kids

…is a small shop, but with eco-friendly shirts including dinosaur geek shirts like “Half of T-rexes are girls,” you can’t go wrong. Now if only I can find a child-size shirt with a velociraptor and “Clever Girl” written under it. . .

Quirkie Kids

…doesn’t have a whole lot of stuff, but their premise is “pink tees for boys and girls” which I absolutely support.

Sealed with a StitcSealed with a Stitch Labyrinth Onesieh

…is a fun Etsy shop with some delightfully geeky bibs and onesies including this Labyrinth-themed onesie that makes me consider having a child just so they can wear it. Haha, just kidding, I’m never having kids.

The Tattoo’d Tyke

…has fun tattoo sleeve clothing for the ink-loving parents in your life.

The Wishing Elephant

…has adorable onesies such as R2D2, Nintendo Gameboy, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters! The store frequently calls these costumes, but I see no reason why these can’t be regular attire. That’s half the fun of being a kid!

Or if you want to expand the geek child in your life’s coloring collection, these coloring books are perfect for the progressive kid:

And because all children should have superhero dreams, just buy them a cape. Don’t call it a “costume” – the fun of being a kid is that those rules don’t apply to you. Or at least, get the geek baby this awesome bib:

And don’t forget, used bookstores are a great place for finding children’s books and graphic novels. Also, try your local comic book store, there are a lot of great kid comics out there. Check out the WWAC kids section for some ideas to get you started.