Some weeks, you need a Kickstarter pick that’s playful and fun. Behold, a way to show your fandom pride via your nails.

The Nailed It! But Wait…There’s MOAR! Kickstarter campaign from Espionage Cosmetics aims to expand the Nailed It! line that was successfully launched using Kickstarter last year. The women-owned, mostly female company wants to add at least 12 new designs for women and men, such as Clive Barker, Galaxy Wavelengths, and Treasure Maps. Additionally, with the $75,000 goal, the company also wants to offer more full and part-time jobs and start development on holographic and heat reactive nails.

The designs will be available as nail wraps, which peel off their packaging like stickers and are self-adhesive to your nails. They can be used with just a top coat or on top of gel and acrylic nails.

Backer rewards start at $1 for Thank You and Internetz Hugz to $5,000 for 500 wraps, Promo Pack, special pricing on first order, and add-on access. Between the $75 levels and $200 levels are goodie bags with nail wraps, t-shirt, and such. If you like surprises, the $250 level offers a limited stock of grab bags.