Mighty Marvel Monday: I’m Not Crying

Sorry for a belated Marvel Monday, it’s as though my job doesn’t respect that I have some free comic book news to write!

What’s that? It’s the sound of a thousand hearts breaking: Robert Downey, Jr. has apparently nixed the possibility of Iron Man 4. RDJ was, if not the heart of the Marvel cinematic franchise, a key internal organ, with many holding 2008’s Iron Man responsible for the revitalization of comic book culture in the mainstream. We all knew the end was coming, but it still stings.

Hulk #7. Writer: Gerry Duggan. Variant Cover: Pascal Campion. Marvel, 2014.

Image from

Marvel has teamed up with STOMP Out Bullying, an anti-bullying org, to create some manipulative covers that go directly for your heart strings and I’m not crying YOU’RE THE ONE THAT’S CRYING.

Speaking of the Iron Man movie franchise, did you know that Jarvis, currently only known as a British-accented robot voice in Tony Stark’s helmet, was once an actual dude? It’s true! And apparently it’s his birthday! Comics!

Your first look at Thor (not Lady Thor, remember, we must never say Lady Thor) is here! She sure is a blonde lady holding a hammer.

Thor #1. Writer: Jason Aaron. Variant Cover: Sara Pichelli. Color: Matt Wilson. Marvel, 2014.

Image from Newsarama.

Okay, the real world is calling, aggressively. See you next week, true believers!