Five days ago I took our staff by the collective collar, shook them hard, and yelled WHAT’S HOT WITH YOU THIS WEEK? They replied.

Laura H

Oh god oh god Con is in a week and I still need to sew two costumes HELP.

WendyHouse of Cards



Dover Mini Makerfaire. I’m part of two groups representing and I’m super excited!


My next Ladies’ Night is two weeks from Saturday (Sept. 6). I still have lots to do.

And I plan to do a write up on them after that.


Megan's perfect donut, 2014


I’m really into this podcast/YouTube show called Meet The Movie Press. It gives a glimpse into the world of the journos who review movies and break news. Also, it explains the industry, which is very illuminating as both a fan of films and someone who writes.



Doctor Who tomorrow!

And Outlander on Sunday!

I went to a pre-screening of Outlander on Tuesday and really enjoyed it. Plus, they gave me a “Pocket Jamie,” which is its own category of amazing.


I started watching In the Flesh last weekend while incapacitated on the couch, and if you had told me last month that former zombies would make me cry, I wouldn’t have believed you. There’s a tension that permeates the show so deeply that even when things seem okay, you can just tell things are going to go wrong. I’m loving the way the show is exploring prejudice, discrimination, and regret in all of its characters.


Steven Universe comes back TONIGHT!


Judge Anderson #1 is coming out and I am too sick to go to the comic store. Life is not fair, I need all the comics.

Why isn’t there a comic delivery service for when you’re sick? Oh, right. (Stares at the computer I’m currently typing on.)

Homer Simpson, The Simpsons. Matt Groening, FOXKayleigh

The Every Simpsons Ever 12-Day Marathon conveniently coincides with my perpetual underemployment, so that’s what I have on my schedule.


Veronica Mars—just started watching it. Also, DIYpsi Indie Art Fair this weekend!


Weather’s turned, so August is suddenly autumn. Rain on the windows, wool hats are back, plums and blackberries in heavy thick cakes. YOM.