A “video-less” game for the blind
Blind Legend follows the story of a knight who has lost his eyesight and journeys through a forest. He navigates using sounds and the voice of his daughter.

Stars Wars: Commander free play for iOS
Released last Thursday for iOS only, the game allows users to play for either the Empire or the Rebellion. Check out the game trailer on the Star Wars Youtube Channel.

Art to Play 
If you’re artsy or creative, you could barter some fan art to receive a Deep Under the Sky game key. There are some guidelines on what they will accept, so no stick figures, please. The game is still available for purchase if art is not your thing.

Amazon buys Twitch
Although originally speculated that Google might buy Twitch, in the end, Amazon was the buyer. Most analysts agree that it’s a smart move for Amazon giving them access to the dedicated audience of gamers and gaming fans, but it’s still murky what benefits Amazon might bring to Twitch.