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Crafting Geeky: Oh My God Becky…

After successful completion of my very first task, I decided lyrics were a great second task. As our favourite space-viking would say, “Another!” I had come across some pictures of other original ideas and found one that I thought was perfect for my friend, lyrics from Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back. I entered the lyrics into the generator and kept a picture of the original for reference, mostly because it had an adorable anaconda at the bottom that I wanted to copy. I chose my colours and off I went. I used the same paper as the first project because I had some to spare and I hate being wasteful. No one likes a wasteful geek.

With this project I had the same issues with the paper, but I noticed something new. I could also see all the back-stitching between letters ⁻⁻ how gauche! I vowed that after this project I would only use cloth as the spacing is much tighter and the back stitches can’t be seen. I also ran into the same problem of spacing issues. It doesn’t matter if you give me a generator, I will always count off. Regardless, I pushed this project out in time for Christmas.

The lyrics and adorable anaconda, which was stitched by eye and turned out surprisingly well, were not satisfying enough. Yes, I was going to put this in a frame but I wanted to add a more “home-y” element so that people would be caught off-guard by the contents of this seemingly-sweet art on the wall. I did some googling and found some free border options. I thought a sweet looking flower was in order so I added those. The spacing was by eye and although I counted twice, I still made an error. Oh well, the end result came out quite wonderfully and my friend was floored with her gift. Success! What next?

Thank you Sir Mix-A-Lot

Thank you Sir Mix-A-Lot

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