Good morning, caped crusaders! The news from DC this week is a little thin on the ground, but let’s see what we can sniff out, yes?

The Rock may or may not be playing Shazam or possibly Black Adam in the Shazam! movie that may or may not definitely be happening! Personally, I want to see him as both. The Rock vs. The Rock in Shazam!

Black Adam vs. Shazam

Make it so, DC.

Dan Abnett is writing a new He-Man book! He-Man: The Eternity War will replace the current Masters of the Universe book, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it looks like THE GREATEST THING EVER.

He-Man cover

That cover is so cool. Battle-Cat! She-Ra! I will totally have to pick this up.

DC has a new Power Girl! And she’s black! And they have “specific plans” for her!


They just aren’t telling us what those plans are. Boo, DC.

Still, Tanya looks pretty awesome!

Tanya Spears

What do you think of Power Girl v2.0?