Dynamite Entertainment Introduces DRM-Free Comics


DRM (Digital Rights Management) has been and remains a hot topic for fans of all kinds, and for content creators of all kinds.   People want to be able to use the digital media they’ve purchased in whatever way they see fit.

Dynamite Entertainment, as of August 20, has addressed this concern just in time for their 10th anniversary by introducing an entire line of DRM-free comics content.

The premiere offering covers 80 titles with big name creators such as Gail Simone,  Art Salazar and Nancy A. Collins and big name characters and titles such as The Dresden Files, Jennifer Blood,  and Vampirella.

Each month the offering will increase, with new titles coming out on the traditional new comics day, Wednesday. As if this weren’t all good on its own, Dynamite has pledged 10% of all sales in the first month to go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF).

Find all of the titles in the initial offering listed here.


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Jamie Kingston is a Native New Yorker, enduring a transplant to Atlanta. She’s a lifelong comic fan, having started at age 13 and never looked back, developing a decades-spanning collection and the need to call out the creators when she expects better of them. Her devotion extends to television, films, and books as well as the rare cosplay. She sates her need to create in a number of ways including being an active editor on the TV Tropes website, creating art and fan art, and working on her randomly updating autobiographical web comic, Orchid Coloured Glasses. As a woman of color, she considers it important to focus on diversity issues in the media. She received the Harpy Agenda micro-grant in November of 2015 for exceptional comics journalism by a writer of color.

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