When indie comics creator MariNaomi started researching other person of color cartoonists for an article, the results motivated her to start the Cartoonists of Color database

Cartoonists for color MariNaomiThe term “Cartoonists of Color” (COC)  is a play off the term “person of color” (POC), which is often used by individuals who identify as non-Caucasian. MariNaomi says

…as the list grew, I was amazed at how many of us there are. I knew of about thirty offhand, and was shocked as the numbers climbed into the hundreds (700+ at the moment!).

The database is in pre-launch with an anticipated launch in Winter 2014.  Right now, she’s looking for creators to submit their information via an online form.  Anyone who is interested in volunteering for data entry and has experience in Dreamweaver are encouraged to reach out via email.