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image from Newsarama

image from Newsarama

Fall’s crossover event, AXIS, will feature launch party swag to be sent to brick-and-mortar retailers. Amongst this swag will be an “AVENGERS & X-MEN AXIS INVERSION looper” (weird capitalization all Marvel’s). What is an “AVENGERS & X-MEN AXIS INVERSION looper,” you may ask? Well, let’s look at the official word from Marvel:


  • “We wanted to follow up our Original Sin Watcher Eyeballs with something equally as cool. We feel the Inversion Looper coming with Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #1 really fits that bill.” – it is NOT an eyeball.


  • “Featuring promo art by Paul Renaud, the endlessly folding Inversion Looper opens to reveal the pre-inversion status of Iron Man, Luke Cage, Deadpool, Sabretooth and Hobgoblin. Flip the card open further to reveal the character’s new looks for Avengers & X-Men: AXIS – including the new Superior Iron Man!” – You will be able to see promo art that has already been circling the internet for months by engaging in some kind of complicated flipping.


  • “In addition to the Inversion Looper, participating retailers will have access to exclusive launch party items including lithographs by fan-favorite artist Skottie Young, special variant covers, and more!” – things you actually care about owning will also be available. If your local retailer makes an adequate sacrifice to Diamond, of course.


For those still confused about how to use their AVENGERS & X-MEN AXIS INVERSION looper, there is a strange, completely silent video available to show you.

Image from Rogan Josh, modhero.tumblr.com

Image from Rogan Josh, modhero.tumblr.com

Graphic designer Rogan Josh made this chart detailing all the gore and weaponry involved in X-Force. Comics are for kids, you guys!

There is a rumor that Disney is in line to acquire Warner Bros., meaning that DC and Marvel would be owned by the same company and blee-bla-bloo there is almost certainly no validity in this.

Best possible result of potential merger

Best possible result of potential merger

Possible spoilers: James Gunn has confirmed that J’Son, Spartax ruler, will not be Andy Dwyer’s dad in the Guardians movie franchise. This leaves a few possibilities open as to who is the progenitor of Star-Lord, but I don’t have any good guesses. The only thing I can think of when I hear this news is “why did you name him J’Son, just name the dude Jason, gosh,” so I’m pretty useless here.
…and I’m out! See you next week for more information on endless inversion loopers.


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