What have we got this week? Things We Want To Do, But Can’t (Yet). Discover our secrets and dreams… Hey, share yours!


Breaks all of our hearts with these restful dreams:

Want to do but can't: Megan

Laura H

Wants the wind in her hair and a mouthful of seawater
Want to do but can't: Ardo, 2014


Says —

I’ve got all sorts of story ideas in my head, and as happy as I am with writing them in novel(la) format now, I really wish I could draw well enough to actually manage a graphic novel on my own.

She doesn’t do so badly below, right?

Want to do but can't: Wendy, 2014 Claire

Has been reading Lady Zorro for review, which reminded her of The Mask of Zorro, which features an excellent training montage including candle pushups. Pushups are fine, but I wanna kick like JCVD.

Want to do but can't: Claire, 2014Annie

Should keep an eye out for some of our upcoming lifestyle posts!

Want to do but can't: Annie, 2014


What are you thinking of improving on? What seems out of reach right now? Punish that tantalising thought by drawing it crudely and sharing it with us. Honestly, it helps!