Skylanders Trap Team tabletSkylanders to  launch toy-to-tablet starter pack
Skylanders are all the rage for families with young video gamers. When the latest installment, Skylanders Trap Team comes out later this year, families will be able to choose if they want the gaming console version or the new tablet version.

Petition to memorialize Robin Williams in World of Warcraft Successful
In various interviews over the years and his RedditAMA 2013, he talked about his love for gaming.  And this a week, the gaming community wanted to add its own moving tributes to one of America’s best loved entertainer. Jacob Holgate started petition to started get memorialize Robin Williams as a non-playable character in World of Warcraft.

Interview with the “godfather” of Call of Cthulhu 
As we head into Gen Con, here’s an ode to the tabletop gamers who have a special place in their hearts for Call of Cthulhu. Adam Gauntlett chats with the game’s main author as we await the 7th edition release.

Fish plays Pokemon Catherine MorescoWatch a fish play Pokemon
And lastly, for a bit of the bizarre, take a break and watch Catherine Moresco’s fish, Grayson, play Pokemon. You won’t be alone as the channel has already received almost four million views.