mike mignola unknown project 2014First Hint of New Non-Hellboy Work from Mike Mignola

Obviously, the name of the game when it comes to Mike Mignola is Hellboy: a character that’s just celebrated his 20th anniversary and has spawned a whole comic ‘verse centered around him. Now we have hints that Mignola may be branching out with new cover art that isn’t Hellboy related. The source is a little strange—from Brian Bendis’ Tumblr of all places—but if this does turn out to be a new project it’ll be interesting to see what Mignola has in store and whether it’ll be part of the larger Hellboy universe.

elfquest pini 1978Elfquest Creators Talk ElfQuest 36 Years Later

Surely one of the most enduring independent comics out there, ElfQuest began bringing its fantasy adventures and distinct art style to readers in 1978 and is still thriving today. Even more impressive is that it’s the work of a married team, Wendy and Rachel Pini, who made their mark on the comics scene at a time when there was nothing else like it on the stands. ComicsAlliance has an in-depth interview with the pair on what it has been like producing ElfQuest over the years and how the series has changed since its inception.


friends with boys cover faith erin hicksFaith Erin Hicks, Raina Telgemeier Talk Graphic Novel Process, Lack of Recognition in Comics Press

They may not get talked about too often but graphic novels, especially those aimed at younger crowds, may be the runaway success of the comics industry today. Raina Telgemeier’s Smile spent more than 50 weeks in the New York Times bestseller list, and Faith Erin Hicks successful graphic novels Friends with Boys and Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong have seen great success in the book market. In this interview they discuss their inspiration and process behind creating these successful books and why it is that the comics press seems to so often ignore their major success.