In response to people asking him to address issues in the cosplay community, cosplayer and entertainer, Fanservice Renji, posted a video on Youtube earlier this week titled Things Cosplayers Need to Stop Doing. The first time I checked the video had just under 2700 views, four hours later it had jumped to 17,000 and as of this writing it’s over 53,000. Fanservice RenjiThis isn’t the first time he’s taken on issues; this year he’s posted his World of Cosplay music video about cosplay is for everyone and a 2013 post, Cosplay is Not Consent (Male Victims harassment stories.

Although the video jumps around a bit, it includes some great points. After the first minute, he starts to take on racism regarding cosplaying out of your race and making unnecessary negative feedback on someone’s costume. He also takes a moment to let male cosplayers know they don’t need to be macho and buff before reminding folks that slut-shaming is a no-no too.

The six and a half minute video is definitely worth watching for cosplayers and non-cosplayers alike.