Here are my Top Three Editor Picks for Today:Moomin by Tove Jansson.

1. Parisian Culture: Wine, Cheese, and Comic Book Shops. Reason: The title alone is making my mouth water. It’s like a description of my dream date. Also, it’s very well written and has awesome photos.

2. Interview with Black Girl Nerds Creator, Jamie Broadnax. Reason: Because it’s a great interview and Black Girl Nerds is cool.

3. I’ll Try it: An Introduction to Moomins and the Muskrat’s Biscuits. Reason: Now I’m starving. I can’t stop thinking of wine, cheese, and comic book shops, and this also looks delicious. Plus, this is an engaging post about Moomins and a fun demo of biscuit cooking. Did you know the 100th anniversary of Tove Jansson’s birth was this last Saturday?!

I need biscuits, wine, cheese, and comic books, STAT.