I like to think of this whole superhero movie game as a boxing match because I swear that’s what most of us imagine whenever news comes out about a cape-clad property. DC. Warner Bros. Marvel Studios. 20th Century Fox. Marvel. Film. Studios. Logos. On Monday, it was announced that Sony is eyeing a 2017 release date for a woman-led superhero film set in their Spider-Man universe. That was a punch in several faces given that Sony is the first to announce a superhero film starring women — before the big two (Marvel and Warner Bros/DC) and even Fox, who handles the X-Men series. It wasn’t quite the knock out you would expect — Sony recently moved The Amazing Spider-Man 3‘s release date from 2016 to 2018, to re-evaluate their headlining franchise, due to lackluster reviews of the recent sequel. The new film might be too much on Sony’s plate, since they’re building a Spider-Man universe from the ground up, one that isn’t as vast as the Marvel Studios or WB/DC universes, or filled with a great ensemble of characters ripe for spin-offs or crossovers like Fox’s X-Men and Fantastic Four. They already have a Sinister Six film scheduled a year before in 2016 and, as mentioned already, a third Amazing Spider-Man film for 2018. Now that we have a thin commitment (I’ll feel better when we have a character, director and dates announced) to a movie starring women, the question now will be the quality, which will put some pressure on Sony, but not as much pressure as WB’s Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman Movie Costume On Wednesday, WB/DC announced that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be not be released on May 6th, 2014 – the same day as Captain America 3 – but instead in the tundra of March 25, 2014. We all saw this coming. Although it would be fun to see the two films knock each other out that weekend, it wouldn’t make financial sense for them to split the box office dough. Marvel had no intention of moving and they have the track record to back up that decision since Captain America: The Winter Soldier was so well received by both critics and audiences. BvS is the new kid on the block in this scenario so a move on their part was smart but don’t mistake that for a retreat. I mean, it is a retreat no matter how you look at it but WB/DC also decided to drop some awesome news on their way out. They’ve announced nine film dates from 2016 to 2020:

Aug. 5, 2016: Untitled DC Film June 23, 2017: Untitled DC Film Nov. 17, 2017: Untitled DC Film March 23, 2018: Untitled DC Film July 27, 2018: Untitled DC Film April 5, 2019: Untitled DC Film June 14, 2019: Untitled DC Film April 3, 2020: Untitled DC Film June 19, 2020: Untitled DC Film

That’s two films a year and DC’s first real, committed plan since announcing a Justice League film. Man of Steel set the tone of the universe and now Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will set up the world in which all of these heroes will interact. The next six years will be jam-packed with superhero flicks from all four studios and the real burning life question you should be asking yourself is, “Will I ever get sick of superhero films?” Right now? The answer is a big fat “No.”