glass, mice templar 12, image comicsMice Templar creators talk process of creating 22-page all-battle issue

It’s always exciting when creators pull back the curtain and go into detail about all the work and planning that goes into creating a seamless final project. In this piece at CBR, the team on Image’s Mice Templar discuss how the huge battle filled with mice archers, cats, and Druids came to be. Think less superhero punching and more a Lord of the Rings-sized military conflict. You don’t see too many of those in comics, especially featuring so many rodents.

jon stables, brok windsor, 1940sFirst Nelvana, now another Golden Age Canadian hero may be revived

Largely forgotten in the comics history world, the Canadian heroes of the ’40s are making a comeback. After a successful Kickstarter for the reprinting of Nelvana of the Northern Lights, one of the first super-women in comics, Hope Nicholson hopes to bring Brok Windsor back into print. Brok Windsor is a sci-fi/adventuring hero who is a little bit Flash Gordon, a little bit Tarzan, and all Canadian. The Kickstarter has almost reached its goal, but there’s still plenty of time to hop on and support the book if you’re interested in comics history and lovely art. And, really, who wouldn’t be interested in a hero who wears a halter-top leotard?

faith erin hicks, nameless cityInterview with Faith Erin Hicks on upcoming projects, going digital, and winning an Eisner

Maybe my favorite news coming out of SDCC this year was that Faith Erin Hicks won a hugely deserved Eisner for her Dark Horse-published Adventures of Superhero Girl. In addition to her take on superheroes, Faith is also working on the Nameless City trilogy of graphic novels about two kids growing up in a fantasy city loosely based on feudal China. In the interview with ComicsAlliance, she talks the research and design of the books’ rich setting, as well as the process of transitioning from doing print work to an all-digital creative process.  Fascinating stuff from one of the best artists out there!